Foska Goes to Mongolia

Date:May,15,2020 Views:386

                                                                                                       by Karen Fan

As “Foska” brand stationery always follows the principle of “good quality”, nearly ninety-seven

percent of the guests would return and order again.

In February, 2020, “Foska” stationery won an initial order from Mongolia. There were 540 items assorted inside the order, and totally 1900 cartons were combined into 1X40’HQ with value of USD 80000.00 around. It took only ten days to get all the goods ready and then they were delivered to Mongolian shops and bookstores, etc.

“We are very satisfied with the ‘Foska’ quality”, said by Jessy, the assistant general manager

of the Mongolian client, “we are now planning to place the new order again in July”.