Foska Won The Bid From New Caledonia Again

Date:Aug,15,2019 Views:403

Recently, Foska file folder won a bid from the government tender in New Caledonian. This is the second time that Foska products have won the bid. 

The customer's existing tender order lacked 362 folders, so decided to airlift 362 Foska folders and the cost of air transportation to New Caledonia reached US$1,500.00, which is 20 times higher than the value of the products themselves. 

The reason why the customer decided to buy362 folders at such a high price is that the local government only believes in Foska brand and does not believe in other brands on the market, even Japanese brands.

We are very happy that our customers only believe in Foska brand. And we will only be committed to delivering good quality products to our customers.